Hammer game configuration problem

I have this very annoying problem with hammer:

Recently I noticed that I was still running the old version of Source SDK(episode 1),
so I decided to upgrade to the orange box version.

After I did this I started up Hammer, everything looked okay at first, but then I saw that some textures where missing (they showed up white) and some models were ERRORs.

Then I browsed my textures and entities and I noticed that everything Counter-Strike related(models, textures, etc.) wasn’t there.
I have tried fixing this (refreshing game content, resetting game configurations, reinstalling Source SDK and adding the cstrike.fgd file at game data files) but nothing worked.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

None of the Orangebox games load content from CSS, hence the content doesn’t show up in hammer.
.FGD files only contain basic entity data.
You would have to extract the content of the counterstrike gcf models and materials folders into the ep2 models and materials folders to get the models and materials.

In Source SDK, you can select the source engine version and the game.

The game you select is the game hammer will use content from.

It only shows the textures and models from the game you selected.

As Metallics said, using GCFScape open your CS:S GCF file (located in your steamapps folder) and extract the models, materials and (optional) particles to (assuming you’re using episode 2) steam/steamapps/steam username/episode 2/ep2/.

Hope that helps.

Problem solved
Thanks a lot guys :smile: