Hammer: GTAIII Map help

Alright, so here’s the thing.
I’m working on a small GTAIII map for a machinima. The map currently uses 100% GTAIII textures.
I’ve got the basic layout done, I’m just wondering if you guys think there is enything that could make it look more GTAIII like.


Textures have been a bitch to find and match together, seriously.

I also posted this on the Megathread, but had trouble getting an answer.

Fog maybe

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add more colors to the place

Alright then, i do have Fog enabled, but i’ll turn it up a bit.
Not sure what to do about the color, but i might try changing the street lights to a cooler color.

Make street lights out of brushes for the authentic GTA feel.

Heh, I’ve been trying to actually get the models from GTAIII. Dealing with that over on the modelling forum.

ZModeler or 3dsmax. Either will open the files and exporting isn’t too hard.

Either of these programs can Open .DLL files?


Wait no, .DFF is the model files GTA uses.

It uses .dat files.

You sure about that? I’m talking about GTA III, not GTA IV. I can’t see any .dat files.

Im looking at Vice city, Which runs on the same engine with a few minor graphical improvements, I might be mistaken, But looking into my files, Theres only a few .DFF files and one huge .dat file named objects.

I’m guessing the .dat would contain several .DFF’s.
I found the .DFF’s by loading the gta3 image in a program called TXD workshop, and most of the .DFF’s are in there.

Implement hookers.

Pretty much all of GTA3’s models are in gta3.IMG, I suggest you open that up with Spark IMG editor since it lets you select multiple DFFs and export them easily.

You might also wanna use MooMapper to find out what models you actually need to export, it’s been a while since i’ve touched GTA but i’m pretty sure it shows you which models are mapped where.

And finally if you can get your hands on 3ds MAX or know someone who has it, use KAMs scripts to import the DFFs.

Add dead hookers, a GTA staple.

I am not late, the former post mentioned live hookers. These ones are dead.

Alright buddy, thanks for that! I’ll check 'em out.

As far as the eye can see

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Sparks IMG Editor is GTA:SA only.
I don’t have 3ds MAX, and neither do any of my peers. So i might have to perform blow-jobs to amass the money or just do some illegal stuff and become a shame to my parents.

This map is going to be beautiful.

add some whores walkin around

I could help you with importing dff to 3ds max and compiling them into Source models if you want -o-