[Hammer Hates Me] Too many unique verts, max = 65536 (map has too much brush geometry)

I’ve had this error ever since I added the huge bridge to my level, and, well, the issue is obvious, it’s probably the bridge, added to the displacements I have making up all my geometry. (It’s an island.)

[EDIT: It’s probably my bridge, with it’s 9k vertices, I need to convert it to a prop, but I also need the lighting. ;(]

I converted the middle of my huge island to the power of 2, because it’s flat. (I probably need to actually destroy the displacements all together, but Currently I have maybe 10k vertices. 35840, faces @ 3 vertices each (Assumption), I need it reduced to about 6k, because the .bsp format sucks.

Anyways, the only thing I see here, is to get my geometry down in it’s vertices, OR, convert all of my displacements to a prop_static with propper (or something like that) The only issue is, what will go wrong?

How do I get the lighting for my island to be… well, brush quality.

And then there is the physics. I need my collision to be on par with the displacements.

I’ll be researching this whole time, but does anybody know the answer?

Or maybe I can try turning my bridge into a static prop.

— Found these for getting propper working, but what about the lighting? Can I modify the .rad file? —


If you use the good old -staticproplighting to an expert compile, you’ll get shadows and self-shadowing on static props on a per-vertex basis. If that still isn’t good enough, you could slice your geometry to be proppered up into 64/128/whatever unit chunks (making sure to nodraw never seen faces) to get better lighting, which would still be ineffficient and not as good as lightmaps, but I don’t see any alternatives for the quality you want.

Hints to control your visleaves and area portals between corridors that lead into “open” spaces, we all should know by now that getting the most out of hammer means following an old rule; “if you can’t make it, fake it” - but optimization should not be an option. There is the best rule to follow right there. the hint texture applied correctly will solve more issues than you can imagine, including lighting issues. If you need some help, I know quite a bit. Salut