Hammer Holiday Season Competition


Hammer Holiday Mapping Contest

Welcome! This is the second Hammer contest that Facepunch is hosting, and given the time of year, it’s gonna be a holiday one!

Contestants will create a map for any source game with a holiday and wintery theme in mind. The maps should be creative, appealing, charming, and cozy. The maps should capture the essence of what you feel during the holiday season, whether it be sitting indoors by a fire, camping in a snowy forest, sliding down wintery hills, or anything else you could imagine! The maps can involve Christmas, Hanukkah, who knows maybe even god-damn Kwanza! Make them warming to play, and delightful to look at.

Judging will be based mostly on aesthetics. Good gameplay is just a plus, and cannot detract from the map scoring, only add.
The main topics to judge:

If you would like to be a judge, reply so.
Current judges:

Prizes include:

Current Entries:

Deadline is December 24th, 2014 at midnight EST. Get Mapping!

Which gamemode or does it not matter?

Stupid idea. Why the hell would you limit the contest to CS:GO? Especially since this is a forum dedicated to gmod. With such a limited scope and tight deadline (making a decent mp map takes alot more than a month) you won’t get many entries.

I would, but I have Every game on that list of prizes. If you’ve already spent the money for gifts, I’m sorry :p. Otherwise, you should switch the prizes to dollar value if you’re going to buy these games anyway.

It seems like most maps in this forum are for CSGO, and GO has the best visual engine for a contest which will be judging visuals. Also it doesn’t necessarily have to be a mp map. I did say that good gameplay is just a bonus, if it’s just a pretty map with no other meaning that works. [del]As for the time limit, it’s just part of the challenge. We’re not looking for anything ground breaking, we’re looking for the best of a few entries.[/del] Raising deadline to December 24th

Although if it was for gmod, that provides a little bit more flexibility and allows more people to actually play the map (Some people don’t own CS:GO, hard to believe isn’t it?).

Not only gmod, but let’s make it: CSGO, L4D, L4D2, GMOD and TF2.

This will open more possibilities for gameplay styles and visuals.

If it changes to this games or other than only CSGO, I’d like to be a judge for this competition.

The only problem with this is I can’t set up a server for every game with every map.

You don’t need to set up a server for every map. In other contests people were fine with downloading the maps themselves.
Also, any rules on collab?

In that case, you can map for any game. Also, as long as you two are okay with getting one prize, go ahead.

Don’t you mean 2015?

oh god the year’s changing

I have those games but whatever I’ll play. Been working on others peoples maps a lot. Should do my own for fun. If i do win then ill gift the games to someone for Christmas. Mark me down for a gmod/sfm map. Deadline is kinda far away btw. Shouldn’t take more then a month to get a good batch of entries.

But if the main judging is done based on visuals you shouldn’t need a server at all.

It’s so other people can look at others’ maps without explicitly downloading them, and so judges can all do their shit in one place.

Update: First place winner now get’s The Tomb Raider Collection - priced at $79.99 USD

I’ll enter. As long as work does not bog me down.

Count me in!

I’ve been teaching a friend of mine to map and we’ve been looking for a project to work on to build her skills.


Pssst, I don’t own Gmod. :v:

When you enter the maps I’ll add you to the list of contestants