Hammer - How do I add CSS models and textures to gmod hammer

How do I add CSS models and textures when making a Gmod map in gmod hammer, I don’t want to use css editor.

There are a bunch of threads on this already, and you should have asked this in the mapping megathread, but I’ll help you anyway.

Use GCFSCAPE (download on Nem’s Tools website) and open it. Navigate to common/counter strike source/cstike and you’ll find a file called cstrike_dir.pk or similar to it. Open it with gcfscape.

Extract materials, models, and sounds to your garrysmod/garrysmod/ root folder. Restart hammer.

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

No problem. As a note, Valve has given full permission for any one who owns the content of the games, to import/export content from a Valve game to another Valve game. So for example, you can port TF2 into CS:S and it would be fine for you to make a new map without their permission.

Just a fun fact. It’s on the Valve Developer Wiki somewhere, but you can safely cross-content any Valve game for development.

just got to figure out how to compile rp_Downtown… with out it crashing for some reason.