Hammer is acting up, is ny computer dieing?

So when i load up my map in hammer and try to zoom in and out in the 2d views, the view glitch up and flash into the 3d view with random lines. My temps are fine. It used to work fine so my specs don’t matter. Im on my phone to ill try to add content when i can.

Your spelling is attrocious.


His grammer is atrocious, his spelling is great.

Well it’s hard to type on a phone

I think a screenshot would be a more useful description of the problem.

Actually both his grammar and spelling are just fine. He misspelled “my” in the title and I think “so” (wrote “to”) in the OP. Oh, and he did forget to make “glitch” and “flash” plural. His word variation isn’t the best, but this is Facepunch, not English class. And sorry, I don’t know how to fix your problem. Just thought I’d get that out.

And he already addressed that. He’s on his phone.

Hammer isn’t really a good indicator of anything… Maybe try some stress-tests like 3dMark?

So i updated to 191.69 drivers and it seemed to help. I did a test and 64 128x128x128 blocks and it will start to happen. Is there and addon or anything that could speed up hammer. I run google sketchup 7 pro and can have many many faces (I don’t know exact number yet) and it still runs fine.

Maybe this will help. Sometimes when playing games or very rarly applications the game or app will freeze and when it’s a game it freezes with the sound loop of death, but if i ctrl + alt + del and press cancel then go back into the game it is working fine. I was playing a portal map I made and it happened quite literly 15 times in 5 minutes.

does it say anything about nvlddmkm.sys?

What do you mean? Like in the task manager it does but when the game freezes there is no pop ups or errors.

Well good news everyone, im getting internet and a NEW FUCKING CORE I5 BUILD!!! /caps


Do you mean i7?

No, I think he means i5 like he said.

haha why would I mean i7 when I said i5.

So I have just boughten my case+psu and ram:

Corsair XMS3 2GB (2X 1GB)
10-Bay Black ATX w/ 480 Psu

all I need is the mother board which is a p7p55d and cpu which is a i5 720

I meant that after it crashes, do you get any type of message or a bluescreen about nvlddmkm.sys, it’s one of Nvidia’s primary display driver system files. I was plagued with this issue with my old setup of dual 8600s, the fix is pretty simple.

But I guess it doesn’t matter now that you are getting a new comp.

What’s you new graphics card going to be?

I get this all the time how do I fix it

My hammer was like that for a few mins, just leave it alone for 5 mins or restart Hammer or Steam.
It’s not the specs because my comp has fine specs and it done that.