Hammer is being 'laggy' when dragging or applying textures.

I’m not quite sure why but ever since I switched to Vista, when I apply textures to drag items or brushes I experience lag, not framerate problems but lag, as in hammer freezes for a half a second to 2 seconds.
And before you go hurf durf Vista sucks, it doesn’t, I’ve used Vista before and I’ve never had this issues. It’s not the graphics card either. I’m on the latest drivers of my 4870. (had the issues with my 8800 gt aswell)

I’ve also tried using the 3d settings and lowering the detail and model view distance, that doesn’t help either.

This happens with me too. I havent found a solution because its not much of a problem

there has to be a solution, it didn’t happened to me before.

I’m on Vista 32bit SP2 and don’t have this problem, I didn’t have it with SP1 either.

Do you have Windows Aero on? If so try disabling “Enable Transparency”, if it doesn’t help just disable the entire theme.

If your still having issues, you might want to try looking though task manager and see if any programs are using a lot of ram or processor that you don’t need running.

Try turning down the Undo level in options. It reduces both ram and processor use. Also consider defragging to bring all your textures and models etc together.