Hammer is very slow

Okay, I recently decided to get back into mapping again (after a year or two hiatus).
Unfortunately, Hammer is unbearably slow to use, despite a history of practically no lag.
Any help? :buddy:

Maybe your PC can’t handle it.

Once again:

Well maybe there’s been a recent problem or you picked up some malware?

  1. That’s pretty obvious, no offense.
  2. I’m completely clean, I’m sure of that.

I’ve reinstalled Hammer, and it’s still not fixed.

Yeah, I asked because no anti-malware software on the planet can detect or stop EVERY single bit of malware.

Cat, are you on ATI or Nvidia graphics card?

I’ve never had a problem though, I’m not sure why it’s even bugging out in the first place.



if you have a large map that you’re working on, try using the cordon tool

If I am using an ATI card, will it be slower? Cause whenever I watch someone else do displacements and subdivide it takes them like 10 seconds and for me it takes 10 minutes.

Subdivide works off CPU

Then … why does it take me 10< Min just to subdivide a stream ? (Bloody 6core 1090t @ 3.2 ghz)

Blame valve.

… How the hell do their mappers put up with this shit?

they probably don’t, using cloud servers just all fucking cloud powered Hammer.

bs bs bs and…bs

intel i7 extreme @ 3.33ghz, nvidia GeForce 9800 GX2,
4gb ram, 4 tb hdd in 2 drives.

and sometimes hammer works fast, sometimes it works slow, but NEVER takes longer than 10 minutes to compile.

fyi, valve, and garry both want to be like microsoft with cloud systems that fail. they get the “E” for effort though, but that ship has already sailed guys, give it up.

I’ve got higher specs than that and Hammer still runs like shit.

Pretty sure Hammer doesn’t use more than one core to determine subdivisions, or anything for that matter apart from maybe compiling. So your Intel I7 extreme’s mean very little really. Check your task manager, you can see how much memory and processing power your using, if they are pretty low and your hammer is running slow its probably a bad configuration somewhere or your hardware just doesn’t agree with hammer.

Ive never really had a problem with subdivisions unless you trying to subdivide a fuck ton of faces, which you shouldn’t really need to do. Also if Valve are putting up with it then they probably either don’t encounter problems with subdivision, or use a different method, as for compiling pretty much every computer at Valve is linked up for cloud compiling so compiling a massive map takes a matter of seconds.

4 core @ 2.4Ghz & a 460gtx and Hammer runs beautifully for me, except for the occasional lockupandcrash

Yeah, my Hammer runs absolutely fine, Core i7 as well, with two 1GB ATI Cards, I forget the model…