Hammer - Its screwed me over help.

So basically, hammer the other day asked me if it wanted it to do this thing, i thought it was just the normal window that comes up but it went, being the idiot i am i clicked yes, then the map loaded in, and its got rid of all the static props like fences, gotten rid of some parts of the roads, and removed all the doors, now, this is quite a big map and i have the .bsp from when it was working but when i decompile it, i get a memory error, now their was a lot and i mean a lot of props, they were what gave the map its detail, and it took me hours to get it how i liked it, please, please help. Thank you!

Tips: make backups regularly so if you make an unfixable mistake you can load the back up

As for the issue I have never ran into it so I don’t know a fix sorry

I made many back ups, but one day i was working on the backup, cause the had corrupted, so i edited the backup. And never backed that one up :/.

Hammer normally creates a folder where he keeps his auto-saves, scavenge a little and you will probably find an old save previous to the error =), if you don’t know where the folder is located… you can check out the path in hammer proprieties.

ps: i’m assuming of course that the hammer that you’re using has this function enabled.

And to back the upper statement up: if you have the autosave function enabled you should find it in C:\HammerAutosave.

And to the above post, they have this end extension something like mapname.001_autosave you need to rename to .vmf.

It does, ill check thank ye :wink:

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OMG Thanks so much guys :smiley: I have it.

Tools>Options then change auto save interval to 1 minute. If there is an auto save rotation make sure to set it too.