Hammer keeps closing for dumb reasons alot of the time

Today I’ve loaded up Hammer to start work on “thing.vmf” (It started out as a track-slant experiment but after failing I just decided to work around the curve and so far has turned into a just-over-half-sized map) but for some reason it keeps closing.

It closed 10 times.

Action performed each time it closed randomnly:

  1. Selected the Brush creation tool (hammer stopped for 1 second then minimized itself, and closed)

  2. Copy & pasted 3 brushes that were 500 units in any direction.

  3. Applied a wood texture

  4. Opening hammer? :confused:

  5. Putting an info_player_start entity on the map

  6. Pressing my forward key

  7. Opening hammer…again.

  8. Applied another texture (bam, crash)

  9. Moving one entity 1 unit upwards

  10. Applied another texture.

All 10 times are just random and are from today, did something happen? Something is making Hammer crash constantly and notthing on my thing.vmf could be causing this, on other vmf’s I have it does the exact same. Fucking. Thing. I made a random box brush that was epicly small, and it crashed.


What is going on? :frown:

You shouldn’t carve your terrain? :eng101:


Try verifying game cache, resetting game configs etc.

I don’t see how you got the idea I am carving terrain :raise:

And I already did that, didn’t do anything. :saddowns:
Might just be SDK messing up

Hammer has a built in system to cause all your unnecessary crashes.

So that’s why my model of the molecular structure of the entire human race and combining that with a cookie exploded Hammer!

Did that on me when I tried to replicate the big bang via making a large Hadron collider, I added the particles and then my hammer just disappeared, I think my pictures are going missing too…

This, also try copy/pasting the entire map into a new VMF.

It just happens. I commonly get a crash when I hit shift + z or space + z or alot of things + Z. It really pisses me off but the autosave feature saves ever 2 mins for me so its ok.