Hammer Laggs

Well, i have been having issues with hammer and XP SP4. It will be going at the normal 100 FPS then after like 10 - 20 Seconds it skips down to 5 FPS. So i would restart it. It would do the same thing. For some reason my laptop has been having this issue also. Ive had Windows 7 on my laptop and it would run hammer at NO lagg, But i decided to try xp on it. So i did, got hammer, and the source game to run it. And what do you know… It laggs just like i explained on my desktop.

Now this is a weird coincidence since i can run gmod at a 70 on all high.

For all the XP users out there. Are you having this issue? Did you fix it if you had it? Any support will be good :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Hers my specs of the desktop.
2.6 GHz pentium 4
1024 MB of Ram
Nvidia geforce4 MX - I know it needs a upgrade but i know that’s not the problem
And that’s pretty much all you need to know :slight_smile:

My XP machine is a piece o’ shit, and that doesn’t lag on hammer.

What service pack are you running?

3 I think.

I’ll double check in a minute.


Service Pack 3, yep.

Hmmmm… Do you know of a program that you have to have to run it?

I had that issue on my computer too, however it suddenly fixed itself for some reason. The only thing i remember was that i ran Steam in Administrator mode try disabling that if it’s on.

Edit: Wait does it XP even have Admin mode? It’s so long since i used it.

I hate to throw this sort of pure shit at you- But it’s time for an upgrade.

No. Windows XP runs as a Admin automatically unless you set it otherwise. thats why it doesent have UAC etc. Its inferior to modern security and is mroe prone to catch malware etc.


He is fine if he is running Windows XP, but that old Single core and Geforce 4 Series MX will bring him down in Hammer.

Nah, not had viral issues in a loong time, still run XP as my main operating system. High stability and support for all my old junk makes me keep it. Also the fact that most people (including me) find the “security” of the operating system asking for a password/confirmation everytime a program so much as touches a core highly irritating and turn it off. The secret of not getting a virus/malware/trojan is not being an idiot. Also just to put it out there, my old 2.4GHz P4 and x800pro run hammer fine.

Does upgrade mean “Lol change operating systems” too everyone on this forum? :geno:


Uhh. How?

To be fair, the x800 is quite a powerful card.

If you really care that much, I meant he is fine if he is running XP on 1gb of ram and that cpu+graphics card. But Hammer can sometimes be very hardware dependent if your building very complicated maps. Alot of mine have triggers inside triggers etc which can bring older computers down to a grind.


I know some people are happy with it but its a known fact Windows XP is far less secure then modern operating systems.


Its meh compared to newer GPU’s though.


More like it’s :barf: compared to newer gpus.



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I guess so, I still have my mx440 I had when I first got HL2 kicking around somewhere, perhaps I should break it out again for shits and giggles.