Hammer Launch Problem


This happened in the process of mapping for Left 4 Dead 2.
I messed up one of the lines… and now i can’t even open hammer to fix it.

Try reinstalling l4d?



Really need help with this!!!

Seriously? No one?

this is a big problem!

You need to launch the game first.

Yes. Try launching it first.

It has been launched…

Nothing worked :arghfist::ssj:

I know i keep double posting but this problem is still happening.

Hmm… I just had a look around, and seems that a problem could be because gameinfo.txt isn’t in your steamapps\common\left4dead\left4dead file structure (I don’t have L4D so I don’t really know what the file structure is like). So if there is a left4dead\scripts folder, look in that scripts folder for gameinfo.txt, and if it is in there, then take it out and put it in the right place (assuming it is meant to be in steamapps\common\left4dead\left4dead).

If that dosen’t work, take all of your presious maps out and SAVE THEM IN SOMEWHERE LIKE MY DOCUMENTS!!! Then, completely delete the sourcesdk folder. I mean the right-click delete way, then goto the Steam Tools tab, Delete local source SDK content.


Seems to have worked for most people on the internet.

Tell me if it works! :smiley:

This problem seems not to be solvable via normal means of troubleshooting…

I may email valve this one…
(also I have tried above method… Even extracted the gameinfo from the gcf)

Owch… to be honest, I don’t know if VALVe can help you. I mean, a lot of people have helped and the only other suggestions that I can offer are:

Completely reinstall ALL of your games. It might be the game that could be corrupted (doubt that though)…

Or if you remember the last time that the compiling ever worked (if it did), do a system restore back to when it last worked.

If that doesn’t work, then by all means try VALVe.
Sorry that I can’t help you no more. :frowning:

I know this has happened to others with the normal sdk…

a feature that left 4 dead’d sdk does not have :argh:

Just manually edit your game config file.

:downs: No idea what I’m looking for in it. It may not even need changing the error says it doesn’t even exist