Hammer Makes Comp Slow!

Whenever I close Hammer editor, it say it crashes and then my comp gets all slow and I have to restore it. Anybody know how to fix it.

We need more info, Whats your system specs, what config are you using for hammer, ect…

Well, its not a gaming computer, its a HP Pavilion Slimline(Vista). And I’m making GMod maps. Is that enough?

Which version of HP Pavilion Slimline. What version of Vista.

It says Home Premium. It says this on side: s3400f. I don’t know that much when it comes to versions and all that.

Go to start > run and type dxdiag.

The two tabs that would be relevant is System > Processor and Memory, and Display > Name.

Write those in here.

Dear god what is it with HP Pavilion Slimlines today :v:

Looks like its go an integrated graphics card…i know hammer hates my onboard in my laptop.