Hammer Map Editor

How do i edit gmod maps? I am trying to edit like Rp_Downtown but i cant seem to open it in Hammer? How would i go about opening the map to add things in?

You can’t open .bsp’s. You have to open it as a .vmf.

How would i convert the bsp map into a vmf?

You need a program to decompile the bsp. Here is a link to the steam wiki for decompiling maps, and a link to the download for BSPSource a map decompiler.



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I dont get how the BSPSource map decompiler works i decompiled it and it made tons of folders full of vmt files and i cant even edit those.

It sounds like you extracted content from the map, not decompiled it.


How do i decompile it.

Drag the .bsp onto bspsrc_cli.bat.