Hammer Mapping Help

Alright I’m trying to do some mapping on a known map called rp_downtown_v4c_v2.

I decompiled the bsp to vmf, opened it in Hammer, simplied Run the map without making any changes, when the Maps opens in GMOD after running, there is a horrible black view for some textures and everything is also very bright.
I’m wondering if this is simply to do with missing textures in hammer, however I’m not missing the ones that is having the problem.

I’d be **REALLY **grateful if someone can direct me in sorting this problem, it renders like this before even making any changes to it.

Compile log: http://pastebin.com/G3Z09EhT


Map in GMOD after running:

Decompiling maps is a lossy process. You are bound to lose information that existed in the original .bsp unfortunately. I’m almost surprised you got this to compile again.

One issue I see is that you are missing Counter Strike: Source content. You need to setup Hammer to use a config with the right content packages. Check out this guide for more information.

Thanks a lot for the reply, appreciate it.

I’ll look around to see if I can obtain the original VMF.
I’ll also check out that guide.

That Guide sorted out all my texture issues, it’s now a case of finding an original VMF.

Thanks ryan271.