hammer memory problem

every time i open up a map in hammer is says memory could not be read I have searched all over the internet and the search engine on facepunch wont work.

Have you tried resetting game configs and resetting SDK content?

How do I do that I cant find that option

In Source SDK its under utilities.

Does it say “Out of memory loading solids”?
If so, open the .vmf in notepad and post the last 50 or so lines here in [noparse]

[/noparse] tags.

i have the same problem

Then post the last 50 lines of your .vmf

My problem when i hit new game it says cannot load memory at (some random number)

Its so annoying is there a way i can post a picture?

This error comes up when your pc does not have enough vram. Usually it is caused by trying to run hammer on something akin to a netbook, with it’s integrated graphics and minimal amount of ram.

Well I know this IT SUCKS luckily soon ill be able to get my dell back up and running

well is there any way around this? oh and im running on a intel graphics card

What’s your ram and processor and OS?

cpu 2.? gh
ram- somewhere between 500-700 really not much so yea

What’s the actual model of the processor, and OS as in Operating System, like Windows (version). Actually, go to Start > Programs > Run > Type in dxdiag, and when the window pops up, type all the information you see under “System information”.

Yep…there is your problem. There is no way around this, source hates intel graphics.

I have a complete shitty intel display card that’s integrated within my laptop’s motherboard. Any 3D engine hates it, but I guess my 2 CPU’s running 2.0 ghz each and 4 GB of ram along with a 64 bit OS makes up for it a bit.

Some are alright. There are some intel gfx which will run the total war engine. Mostly though, they are shit.


I cant type much anymore hurt wrist in bike wreck D:
but i made a image

Celeron processors are generally outdated, especially that one CPU that will drag you down. I can also tell you that the 1GB of ram is a death sentence. Then again, it’s Dell, what do you expect? Chances are that your processor and display chip are integrated within the motherboard. You could probably check the back of your laptop and see how many slots there are for memory sticks. My laptop has two slots for the sticks, and originally it came with two 1GB memory sticks, totaling up to 2GB ram. Then this year I replaced those two with two 2GB memory sticks. Depending on how many slots you have there, you could try buying certain stick(s) for your laptop model probably 2GB for a memory stick. But honestly, it wouldn’t make such a huge difference upgrading your memory while you still have that processor and display chip. The pre-built Dell laptop you purchased wasn’t meant for games, in my opinion.

2 dell desktop is the one currently broke
3 I posted my current computer

  1. You cannot map on that
  2. You cannot map on that
  3. You cannot map on that

Wait till the dell comes back, that machine is too shit to map on.