Hammer model browser problem


ive started mapping recently since i find it very fun to do. But there is a problem when i have to choose a model for something like props, when i open the model browser im not able to change the model or anything.

The window hasnt frozen since the model is still moving (its the advisor).

Im unable to change the model because of this, does anyone know a solution?


Press the close button on top and re open it.

Have you already chosen a model?

Do you have a screenie of the issue?

God fire god youre all over a place, I love you :wink:

I havent chosen a model yet, its on the selection screen, there isnt really anything to make a screenshot of, its just the model selection screen not working.

I have tried opening and closing the window


Sorry guys i fixed it, i reopened Hammer and it was fixed, thanks for trying to help anyway.

this can happen. (im only 5 years late, as a lot of stuff about hammer is from 2007-20010) i usualy click on model browser but i find if you delete the entity and double click on world model, it works sometimes, if not restart hammer

You only think hammer is freezing

If you ever used dual monitors then listen carefully,
I had this same problem and I think i just might have the solution for you.

Did you ever use DUAL monitors while mapping? If so and you were using hammer on your second screen, there were no problems.

But if you were mapping on a SINGLE monitor hammer wil try to put that screen of WORLD MODELS to the second screen, but there is no second screen and because when the screen is open, you cant acces the rest of hammer, thus makes you think hammer froze.

SOLUTION: When opening world models (when clicking “browse”) hit WIN + [arrow left] or [arrow right] this depends if you had the second monitor right or left, because you want to move that window to you laptot screen wich you are using right now.

If you did not use any second monitor this all time, then i dont have the solution for you,