Hammer not completely exporting bsp's

Hola… I’ve got a question that may not be simple but im not entirely sure.
anyways. my hammer is having a really hard time exporting bsp’s. ive tried TONS of
different options as far as if it exports them quickly or not. and none of them seem to make
any difference whatsoever and it sucks because if i let it go for like an hour it makes a bsp but
its all fulbright. and i have to ctrl+alt+delete hammer because it just locks up and doesnt move.
its getting really frustrating so i thought id see if anyone has had this problem before. i appreciate any
answers :slight_smile: thanks!

It ends up fullbright… Because your ctrl-alt-deleting and killing it while it’s working.

Well thats not even so much my problem as much as it just locking up for absolutely no reason… i kindof already figured that … any advice on why its just not exporting properly?

It’s not that it isn’t compiling (proper term for what you call “exporting”) properly, it’s that your map is messed up. You must learn to properly optimize. I suggest learning optimization methods. Once you begin to comprehend that, you can make a few test maps to further your comprehension, then remake the map you are currently trying to compile to ensure it runs well and compiles quickly.

Additionally, there are certain factors of maps that will cause large compile times no matter what. This is generally only in excessively large maps, though certain techniques depending on how said large map has been constructed can be used to get the compile time down, see the above linked optimization guides.

well the deal is. ive made shit loads of maps over long periods of times
HUGE and small. i didnt say they were good lol but thats not the point. anyways.
but this is a different because hammer isnt finding any obvious problems when i alt+p
and its in the center of the grid theres nothing out of place and everything is default like
as far as theres no custom models or textures or sound effects or mods obviously.
so its not so much leaks or anything of that matter…

You need to optimize your map.

There are lots of tutorials. Don’t say that they are optimized, because they clearly aren’t.
Let it compile fully and then post the compile log. It doesn’t lock, it just takes forever to compile. So just wait for it. It might take a few days if your computer sucks and you havn’t optimized a bit.

Short version:

Thats just it…theres nearly nothing to ‘optimize’ ive gone over the entire map litterly 10 times i can NOT find anything that needs to be changed… i dont normally pull shit like this but if i give you the vmf can you tell me if YOU can find anything? the maps not shit and ive spent a good 3 days on it already and i just got done with the bulk of the work and i really dont feel like wasting 3 more days trying to figure out the problem. I’ll give you credit if you want. this map is going to be for an up coming game mode and yeah i really dont feel like starting over.


Have you looked at this?

No I have not, i will take a look at it… thank you.

by the way it gets caught up on vvis so that does explain something lol

If it’s getting caught up on VVis, your problem is in visibility optimization. You need to read up on the aforementioned optimization guides and particularly learn about proper visleaf & world brush structure and the func_detail brush entity.

Alright will do… ill let you guys know if it works im doing that now…
i appreciate the help …

when compiling do not press any key or click anywhere, do not end the process with task manager. let it work properly