Hammer not starting up at all.

Alright I’m sure a bunch of people have had problems with hammer like always but I read as much as i could on here and all the posts are dated back from 08 when the ep2 engine came out so its not a problem with that that im having. I recently reformatted my computer and installed windows 7 and got around to mapping with hammer and everything worked fine until i went to start hammer and it asked me to insert my game configurations, now first of all im too lazy to memorize what goes where and so ive always counted on the link that it gives you to the sdk help wiki thing, but thats in-active now apparently, so i spent some time configuring hammer and what not and i click apply, and then i click okay and it gives me the good ole “send error report?” messages. yes ive played counter strike and half life 2 deathmatch already and so it doesnt have to do with the files not being there, but i dont know what to do ive been googling for 2 hours and im kinda on my last hope with this one. please help…


You don’t really need to “configure” hammer. If you want to map for a specific game just choose its config and go. If you want to map for Gmod use the Episode 2 config.

I’ve probably not helped much but I can’t really understand what your problem is.

You need to reset game configs, and play the game you are mapping for for a few minutes. If the game is gmod that you are mapping for, then use the ep2 engine. Or make a gmod config, if you really feel you have to.

It doesnt matter what configuration i do, i HAVE to have a configuration. for the game executables. the problem is no matter what configuration i use it just crashes as soon as i apply any settings to it.