Hammer not working, cant make brushes cant zoom out of grid.

Hey guys, my hammer is not working at all. When i start it up it wont let me select anything i cant make a brush and i cant zoom out of the grid. Ive uninstalled garry’s mod and source sdk and reset the game configurations but still no luck. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in a advance!

What engine are you using? And can you provide more info other than “it doesn’t work”? Perhaps a screenshot?

ok and im using the source engine unless theres something new for the new update

…what year? Source Engine 2009? 2007? 2006? Source Engine:MP? What game? CS:S, DoD:S, HL2, TF2… yadda… yadda…?

source engine 2009, and garrysmod/hl2

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nm i seemed to have found the problem. close this thread down.