Hammer of Dawn!!!

I made a Wired hammer of dawn. (You need Wire Extras, Wiremod)

and, well I couldn’t find anywhere else to put it. it is a contraption that works a lot like the one in GoW.
The only difference is it doesn’t have the ring of lasers that spin inwards. Sorry!

7: “SetJumpTarget”. You only do this once…?
5. Jump/Go To
4. FIRE!

(the hoverballs are 9 and 3, I used tem to keep it up in the air. Don’t worry, they don’t spaz out!)

Sorry for no pics, no pics to show really…

It’s just a laser that shoots down where you aim with the Laser Pointer.




how do I retrieve the file?
my Adv Dupe files don’t appear in Data…

EDIT: Garrysmod.org will not host the files, so anyone know a good file host site?

Pics plz.

its just a thing that floats with homoballs and when he uses his laser pointer it uses a hoverdrive to teleport a set distance above the point and then shoots down with a laser

… is what infer

Zip up the dupe file and upload that, along with any documentation you wish to include. GMod.org will take zips.

You can find the dupe files inside garrysmod/data/adv_duplicator.

I made something like that a while ago - had an oldschool GCombat deathray for a weapon. Didn’t teleport though - used thrusters to traverse across the map, making it possible for it to be intercepted before it got over it’s target.

I did try that, zipping it, it told me oyu can;t upload only .txt files…

Also, if nobody care’s its something with homoballs (these are just to keep the device from falling…)
than that’s ok.

Anyone with any valuable experience in wire could make this with relative ease. That, coupled with the lack of pics and a terrible explanation make it unworthy of a thread.

Sorry mate, but you’re going to have to leave.


It’s for your own good.

Just so you know, it won’t take .RAR, so if you’re using WinRAR then you’re shit outta luck. Use 7Zip.

WinRAR can make zip files too.

Yeah, but it says it can’t just upload .txt files…
Well, it’s just a floating platform with a Hover Drive and some hoverballs.
and a laser.

Not special at all.

(yes this is an old post but I haz to haz to haz to makes mah poast)

To get Garrysmod.fail to accept the file zip up a folder containing the dupe and a text file with about 5 words renamed to be “HAHAFOOLEDYAGMODORG.cfg”

That way it will upload and you share this seemingly fail contraption with the world.

I have to go… place. Bye!