Hammer on a laptop.

Getting a laptop, mostly for schoolwork and music/movies. Especially for when friends and I go smoke hookah at a park or a public place.

At any rate, I’m getting an inspiron 1545. And one of the things I’m looking forward to trying is going to coffee shops, wifi hotspots, the quad at my college, and trying to map. Just to get out of the house, and try to get myself inspiration.

Anyone here map on laptops?

I sometimes map on my Acer D250 netbook :slight_smile:

I just do geometry/architecture on it though, all texturing, model placement, entities etc is done on my desktop

I always map on my Dell XPS M1730, it’s my primary computer, probably because it’s so damn heavy.

I map on my laptop, as long as you have a mouse it’s fine

I do most of my mapping with my laptop.

I map on my Inspiron 1525, it is perfectly fine for mapping, but not so much at running source games with the 2009 engine. They will run, but video lag can be a bit of an issue at times.

Tell me about it,I used my Celeron 1.7 GHZ 2 Gigs of ram with an ATI Express 200 in it, and let me tell you, it compiled the Left 4 Dead 2 map, but was really laggy at the lowest possible settings.

I’m planning on getting a laptop so I can work and map anywhere.

I can map on my Asus 1005HA netbook easily. Model placement and all.

Now compiling, that’s a different story :ohdear:

I have the same problem on my other, crappy PC.

Is there a L4D2 for the worst possible computers pack, like TF2 for the worst possible computers?

I have a Dell Studio 1558, it can map with ease, all aspects, compile relatively quickly (i3) and runs ep2 on medium-high setting mix. It’s usefulness it godlike.

I map on my laptop. :slight_smile: No problems so far, and its relatively quick. Like you said, the great thing is that you can just take it anywhere and look for inspiration.

We should work on it! If I had time.

We should!



When I read the thread title I thought it said laptop on a hammer at first.

I only HAVE a laptop, so I’m stuck with it, which pisses me off considering they aren’t primarily gaming computers. But I’ve mapped just fine on it, though I use a usb mouse.

I wish Hammer could work on a Mac or macbook, then I could map in college when I have no work to do and I’m bored.

Boot camp?

I honestly don’t know how well Source SDK will run in boot camp, but I do know that iMacs running Vista can run the UT3 map editor (now UDK) decently.

Get rid of everything on Left 4 Dead 2’s maps except for the essential things. Then we have to make every player model look like it’s from the Atari Jaguar!

Make 64x64 sized versions of all of the textures…
… or even 32x32 :ohdear: