Hammer Props Removed (Visgroup Problem.)

Well here I am again with the very lovely Hammer editor, this time I believe Hammer has actually fucked me. Hopped on Hammer today and opened a map I was working on to receive an error that two invalid brushes were present or something along those lines. I’ve gotten this error before and dealt with it on previous maps however I was an idiot and pressed “Yes” which force saved it to the map file. My “World Detail” Visgroup which I was unchecking to hide all the map props is now completely missing and I can’t access any of the props because of it. I can’t tell if the props were removed or if they’re there but now permanently hidden thanks to the entire Visgroup disappearing. I’ve searched on the internet for an answer and on here with no luck, I’d really rather not start this map over since I’ve already put over 40+ hours into the map.

Is there an autosaved map file or anything that might have been created once I pressed “Yes” when the error appeared?

try pressing u to unhide hidden items or if the visgroup window is gone look in view tab screen elements then filter control and make sure its ticked , you should have an autosave of the map in C:\HammerAutosave if you have details view set it’ll show the time it was created if you need it :slight_smile:

You my friend are a life saver. Opened one of the autosaves and the “World Detail” visgroup is back with all of my entities. It may seem like an easy fix but in all my years of mapping I never knew that Autosaves existed. Funny right?

Big thanks, now I can continue to work on the map. (And make plenty of backups from here on out.)