Hammer Question

How would hammer run on:

AMD athlon(tn) X2 Dual-core Ql-64 2.10 GHz 3gb Ram 32-bit os

Hammer really isn’t that resource intensive as it is… Its just a program, not a game.

Should work fine seeming as I’m on a 1.6 dual core, with 2 gb of ram and 32-bit os (vista home premium)

should run fine.


Also, hammer has been around for many years, and really hasn’t changed much.

Hammer would run on a 2 ghz p4 with 512 mb of RAM. It’d have trouble with complex maps in textured preview mode, but turned down to no-texture polygon mode it’d run nice and smooth.

OP’s processor should be able to run large maps with long view distances in shaded texture mode.

also, forum rules

Hell I can run mine in lighting preview.

From any current hammer users, what is a good tutorial on hammer? a really in depth tutorial.

There isn’t one thing in hammer.

www.interlopers.net is a good site, and so is www.halfwit-2.net

And for the love of god, never watch 3kliksphilip’s tutorials on youtube, they teach bad habits.

Beginner tutorial:

after you get the basics down, look at some of the tutorials on the links Firegod posted.