Hammer resize problem

Hello i was editing the map and then when i tried to resize, it was moving strange and i couldn’t resize it how it wanted but when i opened a test map in the same program same settings it moved normally

What did you try to resize?

here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYcqbSm1bHE&feature=youtu.be sorry for the bad resoultion youtube doesn’t have support to avi i think , and sony vegas stuck on rendering.

You have the grid size set too big. Use [ and ] to make it bigger and smaller.

I think gigabite may be correct. Just a tip by the way, but if you mouse over the 3d perspective view and tap Z, you can move around with WASD and the mouse like you would if you were noclipping ingame. It’s a toggle so you can press it again to turn it off.