Hammer Sandbox

I know I’ve heard of this in several places, but if there is this gamemode, can you get me the link?
What it is:
It’s a sandbox gamemode that lets you create maps and entities like the Hammer Editor.

This is really useful yet complicated to make, while making maps and brushes and blocks are even harder to code in Lua.

Impossible, you cannot make Brushes in Lua, even if you could you couldn’t make a map unless you used another as a base for it. Even then theres no way to get it to write it into a BSP or even a file that the BSP compiler can understand.

Can’t you apply brushes to meshes?

You can too write bsp files, but you need to write them to .txt first. I know a guy who did that in sandbox with a command.

Yeah, you can put it as a txt then manually change it to a vmx and compile that but do you know how much text is in a vmx file for even a map like gm_construct?


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