Hammer Sandbox

Has anyone ever heard of a tool called Hammer Sandbox? I used it a little before it went away. What it does is it converts a prop for example and turns it into a block that is part of the map. Me and a few others used to build simple maps using it without the hammer editor. Here is a map by map change of me and a few other players constructing a map using the tool:

Any thoughts?

UPDATE: I’ve managed to emulate it’s functions and so far it is able to build brushes and basic lights. Hosting a closed beta test on it soon.

It’s like that, but not realtime and not that limited at all.

Anyway I don’t see the point, just an excuse for dipshits who can’t map to try and do so with this map say “look at my epic map lulz!!!”

I’m guessing it’s hideously unoptimised as well.

You made this thread over in GMod general discussion and nobody liked it there what made you think people would like it here?

Just moved the topic over to here since it suits this category of the forum better like you suggested.