Hammer Search Path veering off?

Hello Community,

for awhile now i’ve been having this problem with hammer trying to use it with the game Goldeneye: Source, whenever i try loading the game in hammer it goes off of what it usually did loading the game directory just fine but now it goes from loading in the gesource filepath and loads in source sdk 2007/hl2/ and the respective bin path

looking like this

then when trying to load the specific objects associated with Goldeneye source, they do not and appear to be replaced with what would normally be seen in editing something for hl2.

i’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling this with no avail, and rested on it for acouple years but now its starting to bother me that it doesn’t work when it used to.

Hopefully someone in the community can help me resolve this issue and thanks for reading this!

when you start hammer check that its using the goldeneye config and not the hl2 config by going into tools in the menu along the top

It is definitely using the Goldeneye Config file