Hammer Stargate

I need help creating maps.
I’ve figured it out on how to actually create a map, but now I would like to know how i can spawn Stargates/DHD’s in it…
In the entities tab i can’t find anything related to it, so i believe i have to configure something?

Just place a entity with the entity name from the DHD/stargate in there and it should work.

Hmmm. Could you please be more precise?
I’m really nooby on this.
I’ve only mad a block in Hammer so far -.-
So, i go to the entities tab, and there are some entities on the bottom right side.
What should i do?

Make a entity for example “light” then click on properties and change the text “light” in the ComboBox to “<stargate ent name here>”.

Or you could use the Stargate Mod’s gatespawner console commands to do it. Basically you go into GMod on the map you want to spawn the gates on, spawn them and the DHDs where you want them to be, with all the addresses you want them to be and type a console command (I forget the command as of right now, you can hunt around for it,) and then it writes the gate locations to a file and everytime you play that map the gates will be there.

My goal is to create a map with several levels connected.
If i do the change entitie name method, can i assign a gate with an adress?

Don’t know, never tried it and never will try because I hate to map for gmod.

Like, i have many downloaded maps, and what happens is that they have different levels and one stargate which has a pre-defined adress. And the stargate/dhd actually belongs to the world, not the player, so i guess it’s all made on Hammer.
I just don’t know how to put stargates/dhds and stuff in the maps =S

Maybe a simpler way of asking is: How do i connect different levels?

Are you asking how to connect ‘rooms’ (in your case, boxes)? If so, you just make a rectangle the size of the hallway you want, slide it into the section of wall where the doorway should be, right click, and click carve. Repeat on the other block. There should now be a hole the shape of the end of the rectangle in the walls of your blocks, make a floor, ceiling, and walls connecting the two. Voila! You now have to blocks connected. You should probably check the valve wiki out, it can be very useful for begginers and advanced people alike.

Valve Wiki: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Category:Level_Design

P.S If you’re still set on the stargate thing, all the instructions here require you set hammer up for gmod. This is not done automatically, it requires manual setup. Instructions are at this link: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Configuring_Hammer

With respect, i believe you are going too high in expectations of what you want to create. Considering you have “just created a block” i believe you should sit back, realise it’s too much of a task, and learn. Go to www.halfwit-2.com read all of those tutorials, get sexual with hammer and then try and make this…

if you really do want to persist. just make teleports, it’s easier than god damn stargates.

The way they did that is by doing what I said.

What were the commands you were talking about, could you please give them to me/give me the link where they are? =)


And how to i make teleports between levels? Because that would work aswell =S

go learn hammer then come back, that’s what the people here are trying to tell you.

First of all, you haven’t learned how to create a map all you’ve probably learned is how to make a square with a block ctrl+h skybox around it. Learn entities, brushes, structure, and 5,000 other things then you can come back.

Nvm… I actually got it to work. Now i have to figure how to set the adresses on both levels, since the stargates exist but can’t connect to eachother…
But i got a friend who probably knows how to do it. He’s on vacation tho =S

Thanks anyway.

Stargate should come with a resources package containing an .fgd file for placing gates in Hammer.

Yes. That’s how i installed it. Using the stargate.fgd.
Now i’ve done a map with 2 blocks. Spawned 2 gates. Went to its properties and assigned the adresses. Everything ok. I started the game, tryed dialing the gate in the block i was in to the other block, and the Stargate was owned by World, but didn’t have an adress assigned or could dial other gates… =S