Hammer Texture Help

I was recently creating a map on hammer, but while i was choosing the textures for my map, i thought that some people who might play my map won’t have the games from which the textures are from. If i make a map for TF2, how do i tell if the texture i put in my map is from CS:S? or if i’m making a GMod map, and i only want the textures used in it to be from CS:S and not HL2? Is there any way to tell what game the textures are from just from the texture menu?

Map for each individual game.

Tf2, doesn’t have CS:S textures inside of its hammer.

You don’t have to worry about the hl2 textures because every source game has them.

So if i’m editing a TF2 map, all the textures that show up in the menu will be playable for people who only have TF2?


If you are mapping for tf2, you only get hl2, and tf2 textures. Not CS:S. Unless you extract the textures and stuff from CS:S and put them in tf2.

What i meant was, if i’m making a TF2 map, will all the textures that show up in the menu be playable for a person who only has TF2 registered onto their steam account/computer, as well as someone who has TF2, along with any other games?


If you map for Tf2, people with tf2 will see the textures. If they don’t own tf2 they wont see it.

You can pack the materials from tf2 into your map file though using VIDE so that people that don’t own tf2 can see the textures.