Hammer/TF2 Payload Issue (Cart at Map Origin)

EDIT: I’ve solved the issue below. Scroll down a bit, and I’ve ran into a new issue. All help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve been having this issue with Hammer and I just can’t find an answer to this. Although, it may just be something simple, because I’m learning the program as I’m creating this map. Since this is a Payload map, I’m sure I’m running before I can even crawl. Probably missed an essential step.

Basically, when I try my map out in-game, the cart is for some reason floating in mid air at the map origin. So, this may be a coordinate issue, but I have no idea what I’ve done wrong. Pitch Yaw Roll didn’t do anything.

I want it to be here:

And it ends up here:

Here’s my .vmf: [REMOVED]

Any ideas? I hope that was enough information. If not, just ask. :slight_smile:
And, the map looks pretty pitiful, I know. There are random buildings everywhere. I’ve been mainly focusing on getting moving cart, hahaha

Have you read the VDC page?

Yep, that’s the tutorial I was following as I created this. I made sure to read closely and I still have no idea what happened.

If you upload the vmf someone might take a look.

As it stands here’s what you’ve posted:

“I did something according to a tutorial. It isn’t working.”

In short, you’re saying the tutorial is wrong. That’s a bold claim, but in the realm of possibility. But without your VMF, it’s impossible to say why it’s not working.

edit: damn, 1338 posts, must have missed the last one.


There you go. :slight_smile:
Whoever downloads it, disregards the surroundings on the map, it’s more of just a test map, I guess. I just want to get it right. I haven’t exactly learned all the tools yet.

If it’s of any use to anyone. I tried solving it, but never spotted anything, other than a hugely obvious leak :v:

No worries, I figured it out. I’m guessing the case was that the clipped train was in contact with a brush. I moved it upwards a bit, and it spawned onto the track. :smiley:

Although, I’m having a lot trouble setting up the additional two capture points. When I cap the first one, Blue team just wins. -.- I’ve tried the “AddTime” thing in the CP Relays, but that didn’t do anything. It actually adds the time while the game ends. Weird.

Here’s the updated .vmf if anyone wants to help. Renamed it pl_wonderland, haha. http://www.filefront.com/17112891/pl_wonderland.vmf