hammer thinks there is a leak here

looks pretty sealed to me. what is hammer talking about? its making me an error that screws up the compile process.

Why isn’t it aligned to the grid? Also, your entity’s pivot point is outside the skybox, move it inside or reset it.

lol thats the camera, not a pivot entity

Is your map at the edge of the grid? That may be what’s causing you issues

its at the edge but as you can see, its 1 unit from the very edge. all other corners are the same

There is a specific amount of units your map must be away from the grid. One is not enough.

wait, really? what the hell was the point of valve having the limit there if it has to be below that?

It is due to how the compiler works. I do not remember exactly but I believe it is a similar situation to the face limit: You cannot actually have the number of faces on the map reach the limit, because the compiling process splits faces and as such requires there be free space to count those extra faces.

I might be wrong but I think it’s at least 1024 units from the edge?

Also try to keep your brushes to sizes of multiples of 8. Not 2 units thick.

I don’t think anyone’s found the exact distance you can build from the edge, but a buffer zone of 512 units from the edge has worked for me. Be the daring person to find it first by testing different distances.

well i have done a bit of testing and i have pin pointed 380 to be the exact point on the edge of clusterfuck

380? Interesting. Hopefully you will be able to work with it now.
Also please align the brushes to the grid. It will work much better.

This x 100. When I first got into hammer, I didn’t know you could make the grid smaller so I had to shift-drag the brushes to make them smaller, and when I opened it recently to reuse it for a project, it was just terrible. If it didn’t overlap, it had gaps and neither were any good.

well i took everybody’s advise but im afraid that even after i cleaned up the brushes and aligned it with the grid, the compile process crashes.

but i put this on another thread now.

i use it 1 unit from the edge at all 4 sides (except floor and ceiling) and it works fine

just remake the brushes and try again its only the skybox it will be done in a minute or so

And on the flip side, what the hell is the point of your map being that close to the edge in the first place?

its a gmod map.

maximum size for maximum fuck

What type of map are you making? I mean I’m kinda scared of the size.

Considering flatgrass is already maximum size Its probably gonna be a pointless one

I beg to differ, from the amount of posts he has made, assuming their all for this map it sounds quite impressive?