hammer thinks there is a leak here

i guess id describe it kind of as gm_freespace. but in the fort in the middle i have created a crazy town with all sorts of entities and ramps and stuff to do in the middle.

the space around the outside is for building while the inside is for dicking around.

anyway, all shall be revealed when i get this compiling error out the way

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its going to be much more than flatgrass

Make sure all of those cylindrical brushes are func_Detail. You could try compiling the map after you have removed all of that brush work to see if that is causing your issue.

Oh, aren’t you the creative type.

no shit, mother put it on the fridge

So you’re map is going to be Pee Wee’s Playhouse? I mean, that’s what I’m getting out of that screenshot.

Just make a cordon around your map, it will seal the map of any leaks.

Are you sure that is a good idea? Cordon tool has it’s uses, but using it to compile a problematic map seems a bit iffy.

It will sill the map completely.

i show you people the one thing that has a face on it and everybody thinks its pee wees playhouse or bertha.

You should NEVER use the Cordon tool to compile and release a map. The Cordon tool is ONLY for testing

I didn’t saw a face. I said it looked like Pee Wee’s because of the round funnels and tubes.
I don’t mean this as an insult, if your map was Pee Wee’s playhouse that would be fucking amazing.

its cool man just a bit of fun lol

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how do i close a thread? we dont really need this one anymore and its spamming up the forum.

I know, it was just so if it does work we know theirs a leak, I once had an issue were hammer said their was a leak, and there never was a leak.

Request an admin to close it.

i guarantee that will get me ban. the admins of facepunch are unbelievably sensitive.

Not true. Just post a reply asking for it to be closed.

id rather not risk it.

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why the hell are we still commenting? if we just leave it, it will disappear.

just like my last relationship