Hammer Time


God Damn is he annoying in MK9.

Fuck he’s lubed up.
I read the Title as Hummer time… :smithicide:

Nice idea for a comic, fitting music.

Golden shit makes him untouchable ingame.

And he spams a hammer.

I’d say it is damn well fitting.

the jpeg quality is very bad

you should set jpeg_quality 100

Can’t touch this


Hammer Time!



Why do you put those solid colours on them? At least lower the opacity or something. Make it more gradual, I don’t know. It just looks like they suddenly became neon sticks.

Hammer Time

Exactly what they do ingame.

Pretty good.


The picture is not showing for me.

Oh wait I see it now.

So what do ya think?

The quality is horrible, mate. It’s all pixelated and stuff. Ruins the picture :frowning:

your truck fetish just goes to show

Wait what.

Do you mean the JPG setting?