Hammer - Togglable Skin?

I am wanting to be able to Toggle a skin on a dynamic prop, but it doesn’t seem possible.
I’ve tried using logic compares, math counters, etc.

I want to be able to have one button where it will change a skin to “1” and if pressed again to “0” and repeat.

Fairly new at mapping, could use some help.

It should have a skin input.

use two logic_relay entities, lets say “relay_skin0” and “relay_skin1”

relay_skin0 should set the model’s skin to 0, then enable relay_skin1, then disable relay_skin0
relay_skin1 should set the model’s skin to 1, then enable relay_skin0, then disable relay_skin1

if the model starts with skin0, set “relay_skin0” to start disabled, or vice versa.

The button should have two outputs
OnPressed, relay_skin1, Trigger
OnPressed, relay_skin0, Trigger

The button will now toggle between skins, because each logic_relay will enable the other and disable itself when triggered, only one of the relays will be able to be triggered by the button.

I love you, especially for the QUICK response.
Tried it out and it works perfect, haven’t really used logic_relay much and now it makes so much more sense!