Hammer Trees Problem


I place on my map some four trees (prop_static). But when I complied the map I see only two. Does anyone know why?

some might not be compiled for prop_static.

What should I do?

Use a prop dynamic_override or recompile the props as static. Can you just confirm that is the case? There should be something in the error log regarding prop type.

another possibility is if the map failed to compile then you tests would be displaying an older compiled version which might have only had those 2 trees added.

Well if you’re any sort of competent, you can decompile the models using crowbar edit the qc, and add $staticprop to it, then recompile it.

Or if you’re too lazy, upload and send to me and I can do it.

My models are from site with free Source models. I don’t have any blender files or something like this.

you can decompile them using crowbar