Hammer trolls

If you want to see for yourself


view -> goto coords and copy the example coords. It’s pretty funny.

what are the exeample numbers

My hammer only trolls me by crashing every time I hit the Flags tab. SUPER frustrating. I now have the urge to save my project every 30 seconds no matter what program I’m using.

200 -4096 1154

I’ve just typed 1337 in go to brush number.


Also example coordinates trolled me as well.

Could be HL2DM specific.

It might have to have over 1337 brushes to work. When I tried the coordinates easter egg it still went to that coordinate after the dialogue.

Also, Hammer.exe is the same for every game, the only difference is the configuration

Jeez… I’m not the only one! :smiley:
Is there any way to fix that problem?
I have this bug since forever (on Xp, Vista, Win7, SDK 2006, 2007, 2009 & 2013)

This guy. This has got to count as a hammer troll:

I’ve been looking for a fix forever. I’m going to try one I just found posted recently. Running Steam and Hammer in compatibility mode for Win XP sp3. It’s incredibly frustrating and tedious… for a company that is all about letting people create content, their content creation tools are always broken.

As of when this was new, I can never listen to Eple by Röyksopp without reliving this horror. Nor my favorite song by Deadmau5

Great music! Surely… this is trolling… I REALLY hope this guy’s trolling…

Why in hell would you buy GLOD? That’s the dumbest thing ever

It’s cheap and I like to support services I use regularly.