Hammer Trouble.

I’ve been having troubles with hammer lately. I attempted to open up a outdated VMF and it crashed my hammer with the error “Cannot open empty files.” I attempted to open it again, but it doesn’t finish loading. Even after verifying, defragging, reinstalling, deleting the SDK folders and also verifying hammer-useable games, I still am unable to make Hammer work. The model viewer and faceposer still work, though. Help?

I hope you realize you’re not getting any help because of your extremely undescriptive thread title. Anyway, this part confused me:

Do you mean you tried to open the same VMF again, or you just tried opening Hammer? Because if you can’t open that particular VMF, just make a new one and forget about it. If Hammer itself wont open, could you post which engine options your using?

I cannot open Hammer anymore, and it happens on any configuration I use. I deleted the VMF already and the autosaves.

Hmmm… well then sorry I have no idea. You’ll have to wait for someone more intelligent than I to help, or post on the steam forums or something.