Hammer Trouble

I am new to mapping and am creating a new gamemode. this map will be the first for my new gamemode. However whenever i try to spawn any item_ammo_… hammer crashes any way to fix this

Unless your gamemode have several custom entities, textures, models etc just use whatever game you used to create the mod. which most likely is Ep2.
when the map is done, just copy it over to the mods map folder.

And if you don’t mean a mod, then what gamemode are you using?

its a map for a garrysmod custom gamemode

And what gamemode are you mapping with?

try switching smartedit off, type the ent class, and press enter.

nope still crashes and the gamemode i’m mapping with is one im currently making called fort wars which is alot like capture the flag

Make a custom .fgd?

well its the regular item_ammo_… ex.: item_ammo_357 so i don’t see how that would help me

Are you placing down an entity, then caging the name, or are you changing the entity before you put it done. I know I had an issue with it freezing and crashing every time I change the entity type after I placed it down.

i have tried it both ways it crashes both times

Try resetting game configurations.