Hammer - Trying to edit a map.

I converted a bsp file to vmf and try to open it in hammer and I get this error and then it says missing models i click ok, then hammer closes.
How do I open and edit this map?

Which Hammer are you using?

Open Hammer from the .exe in the bin file of the game you want to use.

Ex: “D:/Steam/steamapps/common/GarrysMod/bin/hammer.exe”

Is everything configured correctly? I got a similar error in the past

One from sourcesdk. I just downloaded sdk today. Followed some tutorials on gmod config and such.

My gmod configuration isn’t listed when I click on that. But when I open it in sdk it is.

SDK is broken, dont’ use it.

You’re not supposed to launch from the SDK; I said in my post that you’re supposed to launch Hammer from the Hammer.exe in the game’s bin file.

What I did was open hammer through my cstrike directory because I couldn’t open from the gmod dir because it didn’t have a gmod configuration. So, I made a new config in the cstrike hammer and restarted hammer opening it from the cstrike directory (because the configuration for gmod was still not listed in the hammer inside the gmod dir) with the gmod config that i made and it gives me these errors when I try and open the map.

It really is amazing how broken the tools Valve left us are.

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I launch mine from steamapps/common/half life 2/bin

Their ridiculously broken. I launch mine from steamapps/common/counter-strike source/bin/hammer.exe
Some people need to use the .bat, some don’t.

That will only allow you css content in hammer, you can edit css’s gameinfo.txt file after moving the .vpk’s of the other games which you want their content available into the cstrike directory but hammer is very crash prone at that point, VERY crash prone.

I use cstrike’s. Also, this is a useful tool to have: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1327883

I use TF2’s. SourceSDK is broken, yes, and I think GMods hammer is broken too.

Is Garry aware?

Garry doesn’t give a shit.