Hammer Tutorials

Are there any good sites that offer Hammer editor tutorials? I would like to start mapping and I can even figure out how to position the camera. I know, I fail. But if there are any sites that you all of the FP community can recommend, then thank you.


Also, try youtube, learned some basics there


Also, some guy on youtube called ‘World of level design’ or something like that, makes good tutorials

One thing to keep in mind about youtube tutorials: if you find any that tell you to use the carve tool on anything, disregard them completely.

Everything i learned is from this sight http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Main_Page

The mapping section on this site is also good.

Half-Wit 2’s the best, in my opinion.


Those links are very useful, as they give clear basis for most of the things. ValveSoftware Developer wiki also help tremendously.

3klikskphillip or something, on youtube. He is a master, he explains problems, and has ALOT of tutorials

This. Big time.

Also http://www.editlife.net/tutorial.php?tutid=22

Basic Hammer documentation
Introduction to editing
Making tour first map

The best tutorials IMO.

Yay, another smartass suggesting 3kliksretard. DON’T watch his fucking tutorials, he barely knows what he is doing and teaches people a fuckton of bad habits.

quoted for the truth

itt: facepunch hates everyone that doesn’t do mapping their specific way

ITT: FP hates 3klikskphillip because he maps the wrong way.


Thanks for all the tutorials.

Not a lot atm but a step in the right direction.

Are you the one that is making the tutorials for that channel?



I’d like to ponit you in the direction of the section sticky at the top of this forum, specifically the mappers encyclopedia which contains hundreds of links to useful stuff, including a ton of GOOD tutorials sites (yes that’s right I’m hinting at people suggesting 3killshammerphillip or whatever he’s called) and all this could have been avoided so easily.