Hammer Unusable

I can’t believe I have to ask this, but I am having every bit of trouble to get hammer to run for even 30 seconds. I tried refreshing, reinstalling and deleting the sourcesdk and I still get the same results. The only engine that seems to actually work (but with glitches) is 2009. All the other ones give errors about missing configurations, and are supposedly broken in the last update. I just wanted to finish a map I made earlier this year and finally release it, but hammer is being such a pain.

Previously, I would work one thing at a time by opening the map, quickly doing one or two things to the map, and quickly save before it crashed. Now I cannot even do that because It crashed from simple functions like the viewport, or by clicking on a certain part of the screen. It usually crashes within the first 30 seconds of being opened rendering it useless.

Most games use source engine 2009 anyways. You should configure them manually if refreshing doesn’t show them.

Also post your OS.

This is all being done on winxp.

Source2009 is the only engine that works, but it is also is the one where hammer is unusable. I would configure source2006 or something if it let me but the configure tool does not even run, unless I could edit it manually in whatever configuration file, but you recommend not using anything but 2009 right?

Exactly. Perhaps try updating your video drives?

Unfortunately the video driver update did not solve the problem. I updated the catalyst to 10.2. I am almost positive I had this problem before, but I was able to use the 2006 engine or something to get by. Something about the 2009 engine causes hammer to crap out on my system.

I’ve got no idea.

Thank you for your help anyway.

How about you post your computer specs?

If I read the OP correctly, basic functions of hammer are crashing him. How in the world does updating your video card drives fix that?

Out-dated video card drivers have caused rendering issues with the 3d camera in the past, which have in turn crashed hammer when specific functions are performed.