[Hammer] Weird Texture Problem

I have one problem with Hammer and it kills me. I cannot seem to get this fixed - I’ve already changed the camera view to 3D Textured. It helps, however, the texture in light still reflects some checkers. Here’s a screenshot:

From what I know, checkers indicate that the texture has a specularity mask. In 3D Textured camera it should shine when you move camera in a certain angle; in Shaded Textured Polygons camera the darker checkers make the texture delicately darker. From what I see, you’re using Texture Shaded (because of the map name) It’s not an error but if you build cubemaps, only the checkered texture will get reflections.
I know very little though and I may be wrong.

nice downtown edit you got there

Is there anyway to fix this?

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It’s not an edit, I literally changed nothing lol.

I’m going to be creating a custom downtown edit. I finally got a decent decompile from the map’s BSP.


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To answer the question though. The checkers are just a rendering inconsistency inside Hammer, in-game they should look fine:


I see, thanks mate!

And by the way, I meant I can actually compile the map now with no errors. Something that’s very rare if you decompile a BSP.

In the future, please use the mapping question megathread.

Alright, I seen the thread. I apologize. I didn’t even think about posting on that thread.