Hammer will not let me put any lights in a corridor

So, I’m trying to make a creepy map, but so far I always end up with light problems.
If I put more than one light in a corridor it causes compile errors saying:
“WARNING: Too many light styles on a face at”
I originally had over 14 lights in this map, always with errors. Having to remove them all kills the mood slightly, here is a basic picture of the setup:


This is really annoying me, any help?

You can only have 7 named lights on one brush. If you don’t name them, you can have more, I believe.

In total I now have 5 lights in my map (one in a totally different section), and because of triggers they are all named, I even disabled all flickering…

Vrad builds a lightmap for every possible combination of named/dynamic lights on/off in your map. So if you had three, it would make:

off off off
on off off
off on off
off off on
on on off
on off on
off on on
on on on

Which is 8. And that takes a long time. And you have 5 named lights.

Reminds me of Truth Tables and Logic Gates in Technical studies at school. Eugh.

That’s exactly what it is.

If you give two lights the same name, then they can be turned on and off at the same time without this problem occurring. Alternatively, you could try to use static (un-named) lights whenever possible.

If all the lights turn onn and off at the exact same time then assign the same name to them all.