Hammer will not open

Okay. So. I recently opened Source SDK, desiring to do some map making stuff.

Hammer won’t open. Not for any configuration, I have tried every one.

Now, I have had SDK for a while now, I have used it before, several times in fact, Hammer has never done this to me.

I have done many things in an urge to get this program working, even updating to the Steam Beta. Nothing has worked. I’ve Reset Game Config, Refreshing SDK Content… nuthin.

If anyone can help, please do. Kthx.

EDIT: Okay, slight change. The brush editor, as in, for creating hills and such things appears for a moment, then is gone. At least it’s something.
EDIT2: Looks like ONLY Source Engine 2009 isn’t working. Unfortunately, the majority of my configurations are in there. As in, CS:S, DoD:S, HL2, EP1, EP2, TF2, Portal. HL2:DM however, is with 2006.