Hammer won't compile new things I add.

Strangely enough, whenever I compile my map after having added a lot of stuff, it will load a version where all that stuff is missing. Even after I went into the maps folder for Episode 2, and deleted all traces of my map, then re-compiled, it would still load this old version it magically gets out of no where.

All I did was add some prop_static’s, some tubing which I then func_detailed, and changed a model on one of my light sources.

When I check for problems, it gives an error with two of my tubes, saying the texture is perpendicular to the face, and some errors about that infodecals use unneeded values for the angles. (Different part of my map.)

I need help. :C

Try renaming it to “whatevermapname_2” or something and see if that works. I had similar problems along time ago.

Read. The. Compile. Log.

And. Then. Post. It. Here.

No need when it’s going to be a self-explanatory VBSP crash.