Hammer won't load

HI ! Kay, sooo, my problem is that every time i run Hammer using L4D Authoring Tools IT won’t LOAD, GAH ! :smiley:

Please help me, i tried to re-download L4D Authoring Tools but it keeps pissing me off !
Thanks !

Does it give you any error message?
Try restarting steam

I have this problem for about 3 days with today in it, no error messages, i noticed that in Process Menager it says that Hammer “Didn’t respond”

Make sure you have at least one source engine game (hl2, CSS, etc) and make sure that you have opened it and loaded a map at least once, so that all the caches and links are setup correctly.

Still no worky?

You are so stupid ! STOP SPAMMING, just read topic ! THATS L4D AUTHORING TOOLs, why do i need source game FFS? Thats senseless, L4D authoring tools is using L4D ONLY.

And again ! Thats stupid to redownload game and dont reinstall it, thats just how it have to be ! Theres just no way to download it and don’t install it and say thats not working… damn… you just piss’d me off !

Woah my mistake.

I can’t understand your last bit of ramblings but it really does sound like something has corrupted HAMMER or your l4d files. If you really don’t want to re-install then maybe remove any mods you have, check your hammer configuration (manually) and try again

dude, chill out. It’s not like the world is going to end if you don’t get Hammer to start up properly. And he’s not spamming, just trying to be helpful. Spamming would be telling you to look at “her” hot pics at some website behind a URL shortener.

Oh, and L4D is a Source game.

A few quick checks:

Have you played L4D at least once? (just to the main menu)
Do any of the other tools work? (Model Viewer, etc.)
What OS/compatibility mode settings are you running Hammer on?
Have you tried going to Steam/Steamapps/common/left 4 dead/bin/ and running hammer.exe separately?

If you are on Vista/7, sometimes DEP will bitch about certain programs, if nothing else works, set a DEP exception for Hammer

(note the link says it’s for DVDFab, just navigate to your left 4 dead bin folder and add hammer.exe instead)

Does Hammer actually open a window? If so, let it sit for a couple minutes. L4D hammer can take over 5 minutes to initialize.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but if I ever see you in the street; I’m going to kick you in the face.

“Verify intergrity of game cache”, “refresh SDK content” and “reset game configurations”.

The last two are non-existent in the L4D Authoring Tools menu, which is specifically why I didn’t mention them.