Hammer Zombie Master

I wanted to try to make a zombie master map. but this is what hammer is like.



yep, recent update broke hammer

No this is something different I’m pretty sure.
This looks more like what happens when you try to use the gmod config.


Unless the update I didn’t restart for like 3 hours ago broke something new.

for all games or just zombie master because i’m having no problems with counter strike

No…that is because you are using an incorrectly set up gmod configuration. Use ep2 instead.

Actually at the moment the ep1 configuration looks like that.
Just use CSS
or a source 2009 game.

I remember having this issue, something about using the wrong version of Source hammer.

Reset game configs

Surprisingly, for 99.9% of the current issues, that doesn’t work.

im not mapping for gmod im mapping for zombie master