Hammer_update_entity with GMod?

I want to make a cool “car through a wall effect” by texturing lots of func_physbox’s as bricks then moving them around in GMod, then using the console command; hammer_update_entity func_physbox.

I can’t do it in episode 2 because there’s no physgun, and when I tried making a car following a pre set path go through a wall of physbox’s, my PC crashed.

When I try it in GMod, it almost loads the map, then crashes.

I’m certain I’ve set up everything correctly, which has led me to believe it’s not possible in GMod for whatever reason.

If anyone could possibly shed some light upon this fucker of a problem, it would be greatly appreciated.

Any help…?

AFAIK hammer_update_entity works fine in gmod, your map is probably killing it, by the sounds of it you’re overdoing the physics engine.


Ok, thanks.

yea, loads of small single bricks each having individual physics will be playing havoc with Gmod.

If you notice, the way other objects interact with each other, in physics terms, is pretty bad in source.
Oh and I get the above pun.