Hammered to the Max

To go along with the recent release of Wall Worm 2.0, I’ve also been writing a book on the 3ds Max pipeline for Source. It still has some polishing and more chapters to be inserted, but is now available for those who want to understand how to make a level and all assets inside Max.

Hammered to the Max: A Hammer User’s Guide to 3ds Max


PS. Feel free to share ideas for topics you’d like to see added to this manual. Note that this book is for level design, props and materials–so please limit suggestions to those that are relevant. Another book on animations will possibly come later.

Teriffic resource, beyond what you’ve already accomplished with Wall Worm. Thank you for making exporting to source so painless (relatively), you’ve actually helped me quite a bit over the years and I just wanted to say thanks.

Thank you!

Hopefully this helps people understand some of the things in the WW workflow/philosophy to make it even easier.

Excellent job! Do you happen to have a donation button?

I think I found it

Thank you.

And yes, there is a donation page as found by FalseLogic. If you plan on donating in the $10 range, the best thing to do is buy CorVex which is the commercial level design plugin for WW. Although I do enjoy donations, I’d rather people start buying and promoting CorVex (which is discussed later in the book and is featured in many of the videos I’ve been putting out). That way you also get a new goodie along with contributing to WW.

I was afraid to use 3DS Max before, but with this I am more confident.

However, I feel like it’s missing a feature from hammer that I use a lot. Or am I just being dumb and can’t find it? It’s called the carve tool in hammer.

I am preparing to release a commercial Carve tool that works similarly to the Hammer version but with a few extra features. It will cost you a hardcore ~$3.00 when released. I’ll release it sometime in the next week with, hopefully, another very cheap goodie.

So although it isn’t in the book, theCarve and Make Hollow functions are now available in 3ds Max.